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The capital of Argolis is Nafplion, with its spectacular fortesses, which was the first Capital of Greece during 1828-1833, while being very close to the world famous sites of Mikines, Epidauros and Tiryns, and the famous theaters of Argols and Epidaurus.

Due to its geographical location, the area has one of the highest rates of sunshine per year, in the whole Greece. With its temperate climate, during summer the weather is pleasant and sunny, while winter is calm with small amounts of rainfall.

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How to get here


Nafplio is about 140 km from Athens and 170 km from Patras. It takes about 1.5 hours to get here by car, and 2 hours and 15 minutes by bus.

Just a 15 minutes drive from Nafplio, you can visit the ancient sites of Epidavros (30km) and Mikines (30km)

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Museums & Art

You may visit the various museums and art galleries in Nafplion, ranging from Ancient Greece to the modern era, and have a closer look the civilizations that passed through the First Capital of Greece, from the Mycenean until the Greek Revolution and moden Greece.

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Visit the Orthodox and Catholic churches of Nafplion, as well as the old monasteries, such as the monastery inside the rock in Karathona, where you can get a glimpse of the religious part of the town.


Music, Nightlife & Festivals

The Old Town is filled with bars & cafes, for all tastes and genres. During summer, the town is filled with people, and all the streets and squares have tables for you to enjoy your drinks and coffee. While many of the cafes and bars have live music, ranging from Jazz to Traditional, the Nafplion Festival during the summer transforms the town into a music heaven, with live performances all around the Old Town.

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The municipal theater "Trianon" was the old Mosque of Nafplion during the Ottoman occupation. Beautiful and with a rich past, it hosts various plays and other events all year round.


Outdoor Cinema

The outdoor cinema of Nafplion is located at the base of the rock of Palamidi, and is one of the most beautiful open roof cinemas you can visit. Showing modern and blockbuster movies, you may watch your favourite film while enjoying your snacks and drinks from the bar.


Ice cream - Taverns

Nafplion is famous for its Italian Ice-cream (gelato), and the paved streets of the Old Town are full of exquisite quality "Gelaterias", awarded and famous for their rich taste and quality. However, the Old Town streets are home to beautiful and traditional Taverns with unique dishes that will excite your senses.



There are many types of sports that you can try in Nafplion, from Rock Climbing and Diving to bycicle, trekking, hiking and of course swimming in our beautiful sea and beaches. Every spring, the Nafplio Marathon takes place, attracting runners from all over the World. To learn more and participate, visit the Nafplio Marathon official webpage.



The municipality of Nafplion has recently installed new playgrounds for children, with special flooring and safe toys, as well as fences, to minimize the risk for your children. Many of these playgrounds are near key spots of the Old Town, so that you can enjoy your holidays by the sea while your children play safely next to you.

Omorfi Poli pension - Nafplio
Omorfi Poli pension - Nafplio