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We are an Eco Friendly Hotel!


Environmental sustainability was a core element when renovating our house in winter 2014/15.

We constantly try to keep our rooms as environmentally friendly as possible, following the latest developments in insulating, heating, power consumption and other methods, so that when you book your accommodation with us, you are sure that we are doing our best to ensure your healthy and pleasant stay.


All surfaces have been painted with premium quality products.

Instead of solvent-based we used water-based paints which are kind to the environment and have a lower paint odour.


The lights throughout the house are equipped with LED bulbs and help us save 85 % energy.

The new LED technology provides an improved lighting experience that generates true-to-nature tones.


Our guestrooms are equipped with air conditioners with ALL AC Inverter technology class A+++.

They are quieter to run and energy efficient and save 40 % - 65 % energy compared to a standard air conditioner.


With more than 280 sunny days per year, Greece has the highest number of sunshine hours in Europe.

We use the renewable energy and have installed 4 solar panels which cover 80 % of the hot water consumption in the hotel.


Our eco-friendly refrigerators have low energy consumption.


The guestrooms are floored with innovative laminate planks with EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) and VOC emission label A+.


And finally we have installed hotel card switches in each room. A guest inserts a keycard to make power available. When leaving the guest removes the card to set devices in the room to an energy saving "unoccupied" mode.


If you would like to know more about out eco policy and services, please do not hesitate to contact us.